In the pursuit of continuous improvement, the NWE website will see changes from time to time, in an effort only, to further simplify what we see as a genius resolve desperately needed and to be understood by society as a whole; gratitude alone truly does carry the power to change our world. Respectfully, should you have any questions regarding such changes, subtle as they may be, please do no hesitate to use the CONTACT link in the footer of this site.

So What is 'New World Elpis' (NWE)?


In 1996 with $250K of music investor debt and a system that would not enable a person to be accountable for that amount of money while having any kind of life at the same time ... thus the journey for a resolve began; it was not about one man in debt but rather a world headed into the worst debt load in history ... be it fair to say that we are more than honoring this claim as of 2019.


However, the good news is, the solution need not be a complicated one. For practical and affordable reasons for the benefit of the majority in need, a worthy, digital subscription (no overhead required) by referral, could quickly become a self-funded resolve for the people by the people, and for less than a short-term USD $50 p/m commitment; a $25 p/m subscription fee would be placed into the pocket of the subscribers ... and a modest $20 p/m administration fee could suffice to cover costs and generate an honest profit for New World Elpis (NWE). HOW? Fueled 100% by gratitude; keep reading!


What we know is a drop ... what we don't know is an ocean - Isaac Newton

*** CONSIDER *** Canada's Globe and Mail reports ~ "One third of generation 'Y' are not working in their field of education ~ 21% are working more than 1 job ~ half are seeking a new job" ~ and USA 10x worse!

*** NWE has a solution to provide DISPOSABLE INCOME to LIVE PASSIONATELY with the EXCITEMENT of building and fulfilling DREAMS

*** CONSIDER *** Our Current System Instigates Our Need For Debt ~ Manipulates Control & Poverty ~ Steals The Joy of Life

*** NWE merely strives to deliver equality to as many people possible without bias or compromise ~ 100% self-funded for the people by the people (See graphic below)

A Subscription to The Priority Elpis Collection (PEC) Empowers You and Pays You

NWE Surrenders 100% of Our Subscription Fee To Our Subscribers

Living For Friday Dreading Monday is Lack of Inspiration, Purpose, and Disposable Income

NWE Can Replace This Lack And Inspire Creative Thinking All at The Same Time

NWE is Believing For a Culture Driven to Say Thank You ...

... and 100 more companies willing to make sacrifices just as we are

The NWE Business Model is Fueled by Gratitude and When Put Into Motion is Nothing Shy of Pure GENIUS For The Benefit of The People



  • It is genius in a way that truly meets the KISS PRINCIPLE definition for simplicity that states - "Most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided"


  • It is genius for being the first subscription that puts its monthly fee directly into the pocket of every subscriber


  • It is genius for being the first that provides all subscribers with an automated self-funded monthly income stream


  • It is genius for being the first that removes our need for debt (especially long term)


  • It is genius for being the first that places disposable income into the pockets of those pressured to play catch-up (Baby-Boomers - Student Debt), in the fastest time frame


  • It is genius for the overall business world ~ unlimited disposable cashflow in the hands of 'THE PEOPLE' is good for business


  • It is genius for governments ~ saving billions on assisted programs no longer required by the people, formerly without a residual income stream


  • It is genius for non-profit organizations who can share their own NWE subscription with their current supporter base, resulting in never having to hold another fundraising event ~ PLUS ~ in doing so, provides each supporter with their own NWE subscription ~ a true win/win solution


  • It is genius in its ability to catapult disposable income to position people at the top of the food chain, affording access to healthier quality food groups by choice


  • It is genius in a way that employers can confidently share the NWE business model without fear of conflicting with job requirements ... eradicating the need for staff to have a 2nd or 3rd job

A Subscription to The Priority Elpis Collection (PEC) is Like Knowledge on Steroids

Inspiration is Always Available But it Doesn't Pay The Bills or The Mortgage - but now it can!

NWE Offers a Solution to Escape Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Month After Month

Imagine Working a Job You Love Without Need or Concern For The Income - just passion alone!



  • SOMEONE WE KNOW (family | friend | peer) will invite us, face to face, to invest in our family's future (Short-Term less than $50 USD p/m commitment) to purchase a subscription to the (PEC) 'Priority Elpis Collection' (Inspirational/Encouraging/Good News Only Library) ... which in turn makes us the proud owner of our very own self-funded subscription based company ... no different, than any similar type company in business to make a profit. 

  • BECAUSE OUR NEW COMPANY IS DIGITAL and fueled by gratitude, only 4 subscribers (Subscriptions) only are ever needed. Meaning with just 4 subscribers (People who have seen the value and taken out their own PEC Subscription), our less than $50 p/m short-term total commitment is now costing us nothing p/m (more coming in than going out), and all future subscriptions from this day forward, ARE FREE, because we all say, "Thank You For Thinking of Me," to the person who invited us to take out our own PEC subscription. 🙂


  • SIMPLE GRATITUDE IN ACTION is the real game changer. And because everyone we know, especially those we love and/or respect the most, are all fighting the same unfair uphill financial battles we are, means, they not only need and want what we have, they too can afford to make it happen. 

In other words if 'YOU' are EAGER and WILLING to say ...

'Thank You For Thinking of Me'

... you don't need a degree ...

... or connections with people in high places ...

... or experience before getting experience ...

... and you certainly don't need to accept 'just the way it is' ... 


A Subscription to The Priority Elpis Collection (PEC) Can Reboot Your Dreams

Living Your Purpose Requires Guidance, Knowledge, and Finances to Take Action - and NWE provides it all!

A Subscription to The PEC Library Turns The Sting of Adding Knowledge Into Fun

When Empathy Leads us we Will Always Share Every Good Thing & All Good News - and NWE pays you to do this!


Unless you choose to depend on government assistance 'WE NEED' $1 Million saved and invested for every $50K (CDN) | $35K (USA) before fees and taxes, to maintain our current standard of living. How close are you to saving your first million?

SOLOMON TEACHES 'Money is The Answer to Everything' ...

... and sadly society has evolved by intention or otherwise to limit majority access

A subscription to the Priority Elpis Collection (PEC) benefits, rewards, and empowers every subscriber: How?

*** We Become Wiser ~ Confident ~ and Determined with topics like: 'Better me' | 'Better relationships' | 'Diet simplicity' | 'Practical motivation' | 'Fitness and Success' ***

*** We Become Financially Secure by Showing Gratitude ~ 'Thank You For Thinking of Me'

Library Sample 1

Library Sample 2

Library Sample 3

Library Sample 4

Library Sample 5

Library Sample 6

Getting Paid to Say Thank you is Worth Getting Silly Over


You Can Download The Following 3 Steps Here to Follow Along During Set-up


  • Click on blue 'JOIN' button in white-sticky-menu-bar just above. It will open and reveal name and UserName of the person who invited you.

  • Add your information, including a 'UserName' ... catchy/shorter the better ... [ MaryH ] or [ BobW ] are great examples.

  • When finished you will receive an email confirmation showing 'YourUserName' on the end of your website link [ http://newworldelpis.com/?id=YourUserName ]

    Save email in an NWE email folder for future reference. How-To-Video  [1/ How to save an email for safe keeping] is just below these 3 steps.



  • You will now see an 'STP' icon belonging to our global payment/receiving processing company. All Subscribers/Independent Business Owners must have a FREE (Personal) Solid Trust Pay (STP) account.

  • *** STP is not part of our banking system, however, by law they fall under Global Banking Regulations. STP enables us to set up 'Automatic Withdrawal'  for both our monthly subscription [$25] and admin fee [$20] ... as well as receive ongoing FREE subscriptions.

  • *** OPTION *** How-To-Video [2/ How to Set Up Your Free STP Account] is found just below these 3 steps ... or carry on reading below!

  • *** IMPORTANT *** Before proceeding, if your Country or US State is on this list ' HERE ' your verification process will be different than others. *** Beyond the control of NWE or STP, some countries or American States are unable to open an STP account at this time.

  • Click on the 'STP' icon ... select 'Sign Up' top right corner ... select FREE (Personal) STP account. Fill in account information needed. You will receive email confirmation containing your login Password and Username - Save in STP email folder.


  • Now you will login to your STP Account using your STP UserName and Password and add your Credit Card. A/ Put cursor on 'My Banks & Cards' ... B/ Select 'Add New Debit or Credit Card ... C/ Fill in information (2 min) and select 'Add a Card' ... You will receive an email to confirm this action...save in your STP email folder.

  • Now you will deposit funds from your Credit Card into your STP account to cover the $45 p/m charge (a little extra is always a good habit to cover minor STP fees similar to banks, which are also a business expense).  HOW? ... A/ Go to 'My Money' and B/ select 'Deposit Funds' and follow simple instructions.

  • Now you will set-up the two monthly payments ($25 p/m thank you subscription fee & $20 p/m administration fee). HOW? ... A/ Go to 'My Money' ... scroll down and click on 'Transfer Funds to Others' ... B/ Enter the [username] of person who shared NWE with you [$25 p/m] ... then do the same for the admin fee to NWE ... username [admin] [$20 p/m]

  • *** Now to FINALIZE this entire process, YOU MUST ADD your (STP) Solid Trust Pay 'username' into the back office of your NWE site. HOW? ... *** PRIMARY IMPORTANCE *** How-To-Video ... [3/ How to connect STP to NWE] is immediately below.

Four Simple HOW-TO Videos If Needed

  1. How to save an email for safe keeping

  2. How to open your FREE Personal STP Account

  3. How to CONNECT STP Username to NWE + Back Office Overview

  4. How to purchase a DOMAIN for easy sharing

1/ How to Save an Email For Safe Keeping

2/ How to Open Your FREE Personal STP Account

3/ How to Connect STP Username to NWE

4/ How to Purchase a Domain For Easier Sharing


The Heart of NWE

Ogugwa (Gigi) Uzorka

Vice President of New World Elpis
'Master of Science in Civil Engineering' ~ "PEOPLE must come first ~ Changing our world for less than fifty-dollars seemed too good to be true ... until I saw the how for myself"

Kevin Simpson

Founder/President of NWE
'Master of Religious Studies' ~ "Nobody can be left behind ~ 1 + 1 = 2 and life or success need not be any more complicated ... NWE makes this possible"



So someone I know, face to face (family | friend | peer) connects and says, "Kevin, you, me, and everyone we know must take out this PEC Subscription. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Please visit my website (Link like this sample - http://newworldelpis.com/?id=test4). Everything we need to know is on this brief but informative site. TRUST ME, Kevin ... you must take 20 uninterrupted minutes minimum to yourself and review this site a couple or three times through ... then click on the blue 'JOIN' link in the white menu bar and take immediate action."


 I discover the information provided on this website really does make perfect undeniable sense; it is what it is ... and no law against saying thank you or a digital subscription!


I take out the subscription. $25 p/m (subscription fee to person who invited me {example} 'test4' Username) + $20 p/m (administration fee to NWE 'admin' Username) = $45 p/m total ever!


The product (subscription) is legitimate, viable, and valuable! So I invite just 4 others (everyone I know should have this NO-BRAINER subscription for their own personal and confidential reasons): 2 are passed on to my friend to show gratitude 'Thank You For Thinking of Me' ($50 p/m for them) ... + ... the other 2 I keep to begin receiving $50 p/m (meaning my short-term $45 p/m is now costing me nothing) ... and it will begin growing 200%-300% daily/wkly/monthly (By law we cannot guarantee this so we don't)


The 2 I keep ($50 p/m), not rocket science, will logically agree to say 'Thank You For Thinking of Me,' and will direct 2 thank you's each to me = $100 p/m + my $50 p/m already = $150 p/m (300% increase). Those 4 Free subscribers will also say 'Thank You For Thinking of Me,' with 2 each = 8. Those 8 will also show gratitude = 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 etc., etc. Correct, we cannot guaranteed this by law ... BUT ... nor can the law of mathematics deny it. *** Let's be honest! If we put $45, or $4500 dollars in a bank account, it delivers nothing more to us than insulting returns while the banks and markets continually boast of billions in profits


So two questions come to mind: ...

  1. "Do we allow our pride or doubts & fears to keep us from moving forward with such a simple and obvious Grade 1 fundamental mathematical equation that cannot help but begin to remove our need for debt and secure our future?" ... OR ...

  2. "Will we continue to follow the prophecy of Einstein who defined 'INSANITY' as: "continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results?"

Our Webinar Schedule is as follows



Every Monday & Wednesday evening 9pm EST (6pm PST * 7pm MST * 8pm CST * 7:30am India Tues & Thurs)


10-15 minutes prior to the LIVE WEBINAR from the comfort of your home or office computer

click on the link received from the person who invited you to join us