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Following 20 years of diligent study and research, NWE is revealing a business model unknown to the global majority that carries the power to affordably and legally enable said majority to secure their very own subscription based company (same as any subscription based company for profit), that quickly begins to provide them a monthly disposable income that never stops growing, 100% self-funded for the people by the people.


If you have ever thought to yourself, "There must be a better way," or "Why can't I get ahead" or screamed in frustration because of pay-check to pay-check living, the founders of NWE, Kevin and Gigi want to encourage you to keep reading for the benefit of you and your family.



  • Someone we know will invite us to invest in our families future (Short-Term 45 USD investment) to purchase a subscription to the 'Priority Elpis Collection' (Inspirational/Educational/Motivational Library), which in turn puts us in ownership of our very own 100% self-funded subscription based company worth millions


  • This new company is DIGITAL, not traditional Brick & Mortar * meaning ZERO OVERHEAD + 200-300% automated monthly returns


  • Because of being DIGITAL, company owners only need 4 SUBSCRIBERS (Subscriptions) ever, to break even and begin returning self-funded profits. And because NWE encourages face-to-face (NOT ONLINE) business ethics to win back trust, and knowing that everyone we love and/or respect the most are all fighting the same unfair system we are, means everyone has what everyone else needs, wants, and can now afford for less than $50


In other words, disposable income can be yours with nothing to do with education, who you know, or how much experience or money you have or don't have.

Canada's Globe and Mail 2017 reports ~ One third of generation 'Y' are not working in their field of education ~ 21% are working more than 1 job ~ and half are seeking a new job

*** THIS IS NOT JUST A NORTH AMERICAN PROBLEM *** and NWE subscription based company income is over and above the monetary return of a job ... meaning a person can work just 1 job out of passion or degree, and not out of obligation for a pay-check

A System Founded on Greed That Manipulates Our Need For Debt and Having to Work More Than One Job is The Problem

The NWE business model delivers equal distribution of wealth to 'ALL PEOPLE' without compromise (See graphic immediately below)


Current Business Model    versus    NWE Business Model




Above graphic translated means Current Biz Model 99.9% lose | NWE Biz Model 100% win

Left side = money and control | Right side = people and equality


The principal return on $1,000,000 invested is about $50,000 yearly before fees and taxes in 2017, not 5, 10, or 20 years down the road: How close are you to saving a million dollars?


It is now possible for the majority to live unshackled of poverty and debt

Before proceeding:

  1. What are your options today for a secure financial future?
  2. Are you content with you, your options, and where you are going?

Please watch 2 min video .....

You choose!

  • Life is 80% money and 20% people
  • Financial security is available to all who adopt the NWE business model

Welcome to 'The Age of Equality.'

Being Free of 'The System' ...

... is as simple as a 'Subscription' and a 'Thank you'

A subscription to the Priority Elpis Collection benefits, rewards, and empowers every subscriber ~~~ How?

We become wiser with topics like: 'Better me' | 'Better relationships' | 'Diet simplicity' | 'Logical thinking' | 'Practical motivation, fitness and success' *** We become wealthier by sharing what the majority needs | wants | and can afford ... FREEDOM from debt and poverty


Access to the PEC library cancels out unfortunate or missed opportunities to learn for whatever the reason


A subscription to the PEC turns the tables in favor of the 97% of majority who cannot save $1K let alone $1M

HOW this subscription will benefit you is 5% 'technology'

4 Subscriptions Only = Digital Success for Majority

WHY this subscription will benefit you is 95% 'gratitude'

If you can say 'Thank you' you can succeed at NWE

Getting Paid to Say Thank you is Worth Getting Silly Over

NWE gives away 100% of their subscription fee back and into the pocket of every subscriber

For example: Timmy's FREE Chocolate Bars For Life Analogy ...

... adds a simple 'Thank You' and a few friends to his idea ... have a look!

Note the power of this simple 'Thank you'


  • Timmy knew many of his friends would also enjoy FREE chocolate bars for life


  • He would simply buy 4 chocolate bars himself and invite 4 of his friends to do the same. Everyone will say 'thank you' to the person who invited them by giving them 2 of the chocolate bars purchased and 2 of their 4 friends invited.


  • So even though it appears, in this case, Timmy and his friends would be losing 2 bars and 2 friends, in actual fact, the 2 invited friends everyone keeps, say 'thank you' with 2 each also (4 free bars and 4 free friends). This does not stop! Those 4 become 8 more FREE ... then 16 FREE ... 32 ... 64 ... 128 ... and so on.


  • Saying 'Thank you' is 100% legal all around the world.


  • 4 - 2 = 2 + 4 free (4x2) = 6 + 8 free (4x2) = 14 + 16 free (8x2) = 30 + 32 free (16x2) = 62 + 64 free (32x2) = 126 + 128 free (64x2) = 254, forever, to have FREE chocolate bars for life...thanks to Timmy

NWE Merely Swaps Chocolate Bars For Income

In The Right Place

At the right time
What are your options at this very moment *** NWE is about you and your family *** Our world is about money, power and debt *** NWE puts control in your favor

Live With Choices

Consider this
You can own a company worth millions for less than $50 *** You only need 4 subscribers ever *** Everyone we know needs, wants, and can afford this equal opportunity


Simple thank you
We say thank you with 2 of our 4 subscribers *** The 2 we keep do the same and give us 2 each as their thank you *** That's 4-2=2+4 = 6x$25 = $150 p/m (300% return)

You Win

Nobody is left behind
Numbers Do Not Lie *** Gratitude is for the BENEFIT of ALL PEOPLE *** Watch brief video immediately below *** Much more to come - no more subscribers, no more cost

The NWE Business Model Has No Equal

Gratitude is built in to guarantee everyones success


Isaac Newton (1643-1727)

... What other business model, worth millions, can be purchased for less than $50, all self-funded? ... (A first)
... What other business model gives away 100% of its subscription fee to their subscribers? ... (Another first)
... What other business model prioritizes and implements THANK YOU so everybody wins? ... (Another first)
... What other business model becomes self-funded after just 4 (ever) subscriptions?  ... (Another first)
... What other business model returns 200%-300% p/m almost immediately? ... (Another first)

The Kiss Principle pinned by engineer, Kelly Johnson, states:

"Most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided"

This principle is the cornerstone of NWE for seven (7) primary reasons:

  1. It is genius in removing the need for debt (especially long term) ~ currently the worst debt-load in history for the people, business, and governments worldwide
  2. It is genius for the majority needing to play catch-up ~ because this business model can produce the most equitable liquid cashflow availability in the fastest time frame, and all self-funded by the people for the people
  3. It is genius for the overall business world ~ in a system where $15 p/hr or $100 p/hr will not and cannot fix it, being impossible on cost of living acceleration alone; meaning bigger and better business all around
  4. It is genius for governments ~ saving billions on assisted programs no longer required; leaving monies that could then be redirected to other areas locally or globally, including humanitarian matters
  5. It is genius for the charity and non-profit organizations ~ they could share a true win/win NWE scenario with their current supporter base, resulting not only in expanding their own ability to meet need after need exponentially, but leaving every donor with a miracle of their own, providing an unfamiliar, but welcomed income stream to enable giving that much more
  6. It is genius in its ability to catapult disposable income to the point of placing every person and/or family at the top of their food chain by choice ~ affordably avoiding the horrendous inundation of genetically modified and empty calorie foods ~ empowering access instead to the best of health and organic product lines, as well as lotions, potions, vitamins (not synthetic), and to the likes of the superiority of the Japanese Kangen Medical Water units, in which otherwise, and currently, remain out of reach because of price point
  7. In a most fascinating manor, NWE's subscription based opportunity is genius in the way it can redefine the workforce as we know it; provide the income during the slow or down times of seasonal employment; prevent the need of a second job; something employers can confidently share with their own staff without fear of conflicting with their own job requirements

Five (5) Years From Today

~ you will be saying "Glad I did" or "Wish I had" ~

And The NWE Freedom ...

... costs less than a short-term $50 investment


  • Click on the bold blue 'JOIN' link in the header just above. It will open and reveal the name and UserName of the person who invited you.

  • Fill in the information as required, including a 'UserName' ... catchy and shorter the better.

  • When completed you will receive an email confirmation with your subscription website link showing your 'UserName' attached to the end looking like this - (http://newworldelpis.com/?id=YourUserName) ... save this email in a NWE email folder.



  • On next page you will see an 'STP' icon belonging to our global payments processing/receiving company. All Subscribers/Business owners must have a FREE (Personal) STP account. Click on this 'STP' icon and select 'Sign Up' in top right corner (10 minutes to register and further verification for larger withdrawals can be done as need arises).

  • You will receive an email confirmation from 'STP' to confirm your new account; save this in a STP email folder.

  • *** STP is not part of our banking system as we know it (a good thing...watch video). Because of having to unavoidably fall under global banking regulations and its envious scrutiny, the benefit becomes far more favorable and secure for the people. STP enables NWE to automate our monthly subscription and admin fee payments, and more importantly, receive endless self-funded subscription fees from around the world 24/7, 365 days a year. You, me, and everyone is in full control of 'our own money,' not a bank.


  • Using our new STP account, we need to set up the two automated monthly payments owing ($25 p/m to subscriber who invited us + $20 p/m to NWE). This action fully activates our NWE Subscription account in two ways: A - Gives us immediate access to the 'Priority Elpis Collection and, B - Positions us to invite our 4 subscribers to join us and capitalize on this genius business model (4 subscribers - keep 2 - say thank you with 2 = bringing in more than paying out).

  • To do this, we need to add our Credit Card. (Short Video if preferable). Login in to our STP Account using our STP UserName and Password. 1/ Put cursor on 'My Banks & Cards' 2/ Select 'Add New Debit or Credit Card 3/ Fill in info (5 min) and select 'Add a Card' 4/ You will receive an email to confirm this action...save in your STP email folder.

  • We then need to make a deposit into our STP account from our Credit Card. 1/ Place cursor on 'My Money' and click on 'Deposit Funds' and follow simple directions.

  • To complete this set-up: 1/ Go to 'My Money' scroll down and click on 'Transfer Funds to Others' 2/ Enter the 'UserName' of the person who invited us to NWE (for the $25 p/m), and the username for NWE is 'Adminfee' (for the $20 p/m)

Read the brief booklet just below (soon in many languages)

... Get your questions answered ... Click on the bold blue JOIN link for the benefit of you and your family ... Kevin and Gigi welcome you!

Not Just Another Book


If we can slow down long enough to read this simple and brief booklet, author believes it will trigger our dire need to get back to thinking for ourselves


Download Your FREE Copy of This Book HERE

The Heart of NWE

Ogugwa (Gigi) Uzorka

Vice President of New World Elpis
~ A woman after God's own heart ~ 'ALL PEOPLE' must come first ~ Born and raised in Nigeria ~ 'Master of Science in Civil Engineering' ~ "Changing our world for less than fifty-dollars seemed too good to be true ... until I saw the 'how' for myself"

Kevin (Howling White Wolf) Simpson

Founder/President of NWE
~ A man after God's own heart ~ Nobody can be left behind ~ Born and raised in Inverary, ON Canada ~ 'Master of Religious Studies' ~ "20% technology mixed in with 80% gratitude can place financial control into the hands of the people" ~ "1 + 1 = 2 - life or success need not be any more complicated"


There really is a better way ...


A subscription to the 'Priority Elpis Collection' is your/our way out.

Why live for Friday's hating Monday's, with bills and debt and nothing to show for it?

Why pay a mortgage for 25-30 years when it can be accomplished in 25-30 months?

Why live with the disadvantage of limited or no income, when technology and gratitude can position you or anyone to live like a celebrity without being one?

Why build someone else's dream and miss your own for less than $50?

The person who shared this with you truly does have your best interest at heart; it's about you...not them.

Click on the 'JOIN' link above and become part of the greatest humanitarian shift in the history of mankind for the benefit of the majority starting with you.


~ There are endless options available to us, but nothing to date 2018 can deliver a 200%-300% monthly return on less than a $50 short-term investment, 100% self-funded, for saying 'Thank You' ~

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